About Me

Me and John H.Hello

My name is David Wagstaff and this is my first foray into the world of internet ramblings.  I’m hoping to use this site to share with you some of the ups and, inevitably, downs of my gambling exploits.  These will mostly involve horse racing but I’ve been known to like a little flutter on golf, tennis and football in my time.  I will, in time, be sharing my thoughts on upcomng big events, as well as (after a proofing period), my selections throughout the week.

I’ve had some invaluable advice on setting this up, but, as a techie novice, it may be some time before the site is as I would like.  I’ll be sharing my thoughts when I believe I’ve something important to add (some who know me may think I’ll be on here 24/7!!) and hope they prove worthy of attention.

I aim to enjoy myself and would like to think you will too.

Until next time, good luck


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